don’t be a prick, sausage.

 The ten tails jinchuriki ... Obito Uchiha ! 

Touka Kirishima requested by mabuchis

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It is you.

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Akira Amano new project

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K a n e k i  K e n ~ "I’m a Ghoul"  Ϟ

my memory loves you;

it asks about you all the time

 ひるなかの流星 (Daytime Shooting Star)

 ひるなかの流星 (Daytime Shooting Star)


★ Top 10 Favorite Mamura x Suzume Moments from Hirunaka No Ryuusei | Dedicated to  Kat (because she feels me >_<)

friend: you really need to go outside
me: send me the link